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Here goes....

I've never worked on a Hack. But you've got to start some where right? Heh?

-From the looks of it, you don't need a mapper do you? If you did, I could try my best to help with that.
-I have millions of little ideas about everything, and can poke and comment on any other existing ideas. Basically I'm a good creative buffer to talk to.
-I can tinker and figure out the World Map. Maybe. Hah... There is a tutorial on adding new places, but not the actually image. (Add: I can only mess with a little in AdvanceMap. So uh this maybe a no.)
-Last, I can tinker in spriting. It depends on what you want.

So...I've got a little of everything ('cept scripting and experience) but not alot of one thing...

ADD: Uhm outta my field...But here's a World Map Tutorial.