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Well I know how to edit its picture, you just edit it like sprite. But putting it into the game is a different story.

Seeing as it is Kanto you'll probably dont' need to change anything, unless your adding some things too.

Yay, creative buffer time!
Here's how my creative buffer works. Ima ask alot of questions. I've already got ideas that go to each of these questions, but I need to know the right info first. Plus it'll get your brain rolling.

20 years in the future I see...
So what is the status of each town?
Did they all get bigger? Did some fail to thrive?
Anything special happen in those 20 years? New technology?

So, do is there going to be a rival, and if so who is it?
Is this based from the Anime? As in Misty has sisters, and is she still the Cerulean Gym Leader?
Any specific changes in Leaders and the Elite 4?

(And if you don't want to spoil something you have an idea for thats fine.)