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Posted July 17th, 2009
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I came up for an idea to completly remap resprite and change the story line. I also need people who can help (my comp wont run advance text or any other text editor)

the story is going to be based around a new region around the polar region idk what i am going to rename the criminal group at the moment. The story is going to be far from the time periods of D/P atleast by 20 years. Well it starts off as a normal adventure then you meet a criminal orginization that is extractin the aura from the atmosphere and using some of the new pokemon in this game to take over areas with the most consentration of spiritual energy(places with alot of aura). You hometown will be renamed to Cildon.

Fake'mon Starters
Fire:Hatsua-polar pkmn
Water:Clira-aura pkmn
Grass:Jinchi-new life pkmn