"baddest of the bad"

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Posted August 28th, 2011
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10.7 Years
use a-map 1.91 it has the weather feature

and if you want people to help make a team thread where people can apply for your team
Thing I've learned
I couldn't leave Pc if I tried
If nippon ichi isn't making soul nomad 2 I will This I swear

Favorite games
1.Soul Nomad
2.Shining force exa
3.most dbz fighting games
4.naruto ultimate ninja 2 (shino chidori ftw)
5.God eater/Disgaea/Mass effect
Thing I've Noticed
That I'm coming up with Random stuff to make the scroll bar activate
I'm an angry person
Random quotes

"Who's the baddest of the bad, maddest of the mad, killer of kings, and destroyer of worlds"-gig
"Everyone needs to die."-revya
Alt account
Kyo The pro