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Yes, there were choices but they weren't really the colors I desired so I'm a little lost. Mind telling me how the palettes can be modified so I can have my original image's palette stay the same? Sorry, I'm not very experienced with hacking. ^^' Thank you for your time.
You don't mess with the palette IDs at all. Open your rom, go to whatever pokemon you want to change... I went to charmeleon which has palette ID 0 and is completely orange and red colors. I went to this site to get my squirtle image. I opened this image in paint: and I pasted it below itself to give the correct size orientation of 32x64. Here is what my image looked like (I made pink the transparency color and auto-transparency in the program picks up on it):
From here just click import image (Ctrl + I) and insert it. Make sure the file extension of the image is .PNG also... you might have .BMP which could mess up the colors. Anyways, when inserted just click write to ROM and GG you're good to go.


I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to change the animation of the pokemon in emerald? There's two animations to a pokemon... the actual sprite animation which is two images, and then there is an effect to that pokemon like flareon will light up red or lunatone will rock back and forth. Any program that works with this?
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