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I've been using SMCA and AdvanceIntroEd recently, but could NEVER find a solution to a problem i've had. When I spawn in my room, there is a tile error which does not show on A-Map. Since I haven't posted 15 times, I cannot provide a screenshot. Essentially it is a door and carpet tile, which disappear after you leave the room and then come back in. I've tried deleting all level/map scripts but nothing seems to work.
Help is highly appreciated. :)
Well, it might be some tile error or somekind. But the best thing you can do is, create another map! Goto A-Map and create a duplicate of the map(what i mean is make it look like the other one). Then goto SMCA and point out your newly made map. :)

There's something I've noticed when I insert songs into a rom.

For some reason, the songs have a higher speed when played ingame than they do normally. Does anybody know what causes this? And is there a way to fix this?
What are you using to insert them? Sappy or what?

Is it possible to expand the amount of blocks from 512 to 1024 in Emerald? And how can do it?

You can do hex editing or something like that to do that bud :)