What happens if I push it?....

Do you really want to know? Really?
Seen January 12th, 2015
Posted December 14th, 2014
Oh lol, your referring to the VBA BIOS XD I guess you made a typo with "VBQ"? Okay, so some hacks may need the VBA "BIOS" to play some of those hacks. Hmm, I wonder why, since having a real BIOS is more accurate.
Some people just don't realize that VBA doesn't have a real BIOS file or think that is close enough, and they write their code around testing on VBA. I know, for example, that swi 0x12 (LZ77 Image Decompresion) uses registers 0, 1, 2, and 3 in the real BIOS file, but VBA's doesn't use r3. This resulted in JPAN writing a section of his hacked engine to use r3. So, his code didn't work with a real BIOS file because r3 was overwritten. I ended up fixing this when I learned about it.

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