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Posted July 5th, 2019
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Sigma Ultra
A Science Fiction Roleplay GMed by Aquataris and SYDAXARO220


Just 80 years after the UK relinquished it’s rule over Hong Kong, there occurred a huge revert in the powerhead of the nation. Melvin Bentley, the leader of the military force known as ‘The Corps’; took control of the UK in a time of struggle. It was his influence that helped it return it to the military powerhouse it once was. As ‘The Corps’ grew, so did the ego of Melvin Bentley. He wanted power, he wanted embassy, he wanted empire!

With the aid of the US he decided that he would first retake Hong Kong. He succeeded. The ‘Rebel War’ was the first instance of Conflict in Hong Kong, between ‘The Corps’ and the Rebels. From that point on, the conflict continued. Melvin decided that those who didn’t comply with his law, be segregated from those who did. Rather than letting those who rebelled live free, he decided to starve them of the luxuries that the rest of the world appreciate. These area would come to be known as the Dune Districts. This forced them into black market trade, and high levels of crime and interference-leading to harsh policing in these particular areas.

But it was only a matter of time before the rebellion would rise again.

Sigma Ultra is a Science Fiction Police versus Criminal Genre Roleplay . It has a heavy Player Driven Story and Custom Weapons. It's Set in a Dictator Police State of Future Hong Kong.

What side do you choose?

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