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Posted April 21st, 2016
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Me First
I've translated this to Emerald and it's almost working.

I copied your ASM and used the following offsets:

Userbank 0202420B
Targetbank 0202420C
BattleStruct 02024084
TurnOrder 0202407E
MonsMoved 02024082
MovesUsed 02024274
CurrentScript 02024214
FailScript 82D9F15
CurrentAttack 020241EA

MoveTable: Using my own, triple checked and it's correct

BasePower 02024400
EffectTable: 82D86A8 (Using original one)

Copy pasted you script and added +1 on each ASM. Changed Setbytes to 0x202448C and 0x202448D.

Everything seems to be correct, Me First correctly fails if the opponent uses a status move and it copies the attack of the opponent, but it can't perform the move effect. When I tried copying Mega Drain for example the move just fails, when I copy Tackle the game throws a Pokeball (similar glitch that happens when a move effect is wrong). Is there something wrong with the Move Effect Table offset or some slip-up in the ASM? Did anyone use Chaos Rush's code in Fire Red and get it to work?