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Honestly, whenever I see an RP that has a lot of skilled writers in it, I'm often turned off by it. Not because I hate the skilled writers, far from it. I admire those that can put in such a huge amount of effort and skill into their role-playing. It's just that, (and I know this sounds stupid), I'm kind of intimidated. And I know that the community here are very accepting of newbies and stuff, but I still can't help but feel intimidated.

So yeah, I guess my gripe is that I don't feel skilled enough to join a lot of the RP's here.
Why do I feel like you're trying to cover up laziness :I

You really shouldn't feel intimidated by other RPers. Nobody will ever judge your writing unless you ask for critique. Plus, if you belittle yourself so much, nobody will ever see how good you are! :o
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