Fake Friends Forever (´・ω・`)

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A select group of talented, youthful coordinators in the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions have been recognized for their talent and success rates by heads of the IIS: a biannual, televised event organized by a subdivision of Sinnoh’s Pokemon Relationships officials. Every other year, the tournament is held late summer/early autumn. This select group will be the 17th lineup of contestants, participating in ten contests located all across the known Pokemon world where they will appeal to a panel of six judges and compete against their peers in order to earn points. By the end of the spectacle, the coordinator with the highest number of points will win a hefty cash prize of 850k Poke, exclusive medals for their Pokemon partners and region-wide fame!

The roleplay plans to incorporate both contest sessions and free sandbox-esque periods for characters to explore their destination and interact with both judges and other characters in any way they'd like. Contest sessions will make use of three rounds, the latter being a Mystery round that coordinators will only know how to handle once it commences. That and characters may be thrust into any random situation as long as it fits the basic regulations. It's really all up to the players, not just the game master. If you're interested, give it a look! Link is above.