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Posted December 25th, 2017
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First of all I want to say I really love this hack, right now I'm at the elite 4 but haven't beaten them yet. Throughout playing the game you get to understand how much time was spent editing and refining it to perfection. I've played different emerald "improvement" hacks, but they all felt quite repetitive while your hack gives a fresh breath on the concept of emerald by slightly changing a bunch of things.

Now for my question: I was wandering through victory road trying to find all the items and battle all the trainers when I entered up getting teleported to a weird part of rusturf tunnel by entering a cave. When I followed the path to a new exit, I teleported to a wall section of seafloor cavern and after crossing a weird jumbled up bunch of stairs I got teleported to a stair in a black space next to new mauville. There I could walk around a bit but the path seems to end there ...

Is there some kind of meaning or secret I missed here or was it more of an accident? I would love to find out more!