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I got two more questions ...

1. I finally figured the out the path that takes you from victory road to rusturf, seafloor and new mauville, but I ended up in an empty room in new mauville with a stair that just takes you back to victory road, is there something I missed along the way?

2. I somehow got an aurora ticket along my journey, and beat the elite four. I went to the guy in slateport that says he makes my tickets valid, but there doesn't seem to be an extra option when I talk to the boatgirl in Slateport.

I hope you can answer my questions and I once again have to say I really enjoyed your hack!
1 is a glitch! i'm gonna get a chance to fix it on this coming Sunday. Will update once done

2 is not a bug, it's just my game not being clear enough! You're never able to travel to hidden islands from slateport, only from lilycove!

Also, I have been unable to evolve Haunter, I have maxed the happiness at night and am still unable to make it evolve, please help.
I'm gonna check this over. Are you sure you;ve maxed the happiness? It should take absolutely ages

I have now found the Eon ticket but no matter how many times I have tried to talk to the ferry people I can't go to Southern Island. I did however find Mew and Breed to make Mewtwo
Try lilycove?

Hey! So far have been loving this but two things:

How in the world do I get the Devon scope? I've spent 3 hours exploring the route and then went back to the rest of the map and talked to everyone, but kecleon won't move. Steven talked to me at the beginning of the route to the weather institute but idk where he is now.

2. Repels seem to be broken for me. Suddenly one of mine ran out but didn't prompt me for a new one and now every time I try to use a repel it says a repel lingers from earlier :(

First issue is that you're not meant to get the devon scope yet! You get it on route 120 like normal. You're meant to head up route 123 next! Scott does mention this, but I'm gonna make it a bit more clear, people keep getting stuck here

Second issue I'm really not sure about at all. I'm going to do my best to de-bug this.

EDIT: I WORKED OUT WHAT HAPPENED LMAO, YOU'RE ENCOUNTERING POKEMON THAT ARE A HIGHER LEVEL THAN THE POKEMON AT THE FRONT OF YOUR PARTY!!! This is how repels work normally! it's still active, just not powerful enough to block the big monsters. Oh man, you had me scared for a moment.

Hi, Firstly I love the game, it is very well made, great difficulty! I have beaten the game and am up to trying to catch every pokemon, going well so far with 322 caught so far. I am having difficulty with some of the legendaries, you mention finding tickets:
Tickets in Mt. Pyre (Ho-oh/lugia), Birch's Lab (Deoxys), Granite Cave (mew), and rt 119 (with cut, lati@s). A guy in slateport makes em work.[/B]
But I am unable to find any tickets, please help
Mt pyre ground floor, you must visit the orange tombs in order to go up the stairs on the right hand side. Birch's lab there is a lever in a bookcase. Granite cave there is an acro bike puzzle on B1f. Route 119 there is a small mach bike slope that needs to be climbed up.

sorry, i beat 2nd gym in Dewford, then i can't find the sailor
From Dewford you need to find Steven in Granite Cave, and then you can carry on to slateport to give the package to captain stern.
Visit the big grey house in slateport and talk to the guy on the ground floor in front of the white table with ship plans on it, then go to the oceanic museum upstairs to find captain stern. I'm guessing that's what you're talking about??

If Mr Briney has disappeared, then that is a very weird bug. He should be beside the pier bit in the middle of the town. If you have the 5th badge he will disappear, but until then he should be there.

Well. I've gone as far as the Normal gym before I had it with this hack.
Teach scyther Fury Cutter in Verdanturf pokemon centre and he's damn near busted. Not much of an exaggeration. I'm going to put it direct into his moveset though, you're not the only one to have missed that move! That's why I messed up his moveset, he became a spamfest early on. Gonna revert the wing attack change to some extent over the weekend. He would have evolved at level 39, which should be pretty soon for you. Scizor is very strong now he has some steel moves in his kit.

Crawdaunt is weak but he gets 90 power 95 accuracy crabhammer level like 33, right? I will give him a buff, probably in the form of dark moves. Seems dumb to give him water moves when he's a physical tank and most water moves are special attacks, but I'll definitely put some other coverage in.

EDIT: I've remembered I made Clamp have 60 base power, he's gonna get it about level 20. It makes far too much sense to skip over, and having no water moves better than power 40 early on seems extremely unintuitive. I can imagine a lot of people building their team around their starter's water moves, only to find they have absolutely nothing to beat the fire gym.

The normal gym is something I should make more direct, but the trainers are pretty beatable so you should only have to heal and redo the puzzles twice at most. It sounds like your frustration is coming from bad balance; you seem to have gotten really unlucky with your pokemon. Could you sent me your entire team so I can take a look at em?

I'll rewrite the sign. It's actually directly copied from RSE's in-game tutorial on how to use it but clearly it ain't good enough! I should have changed it the first time tbf. Thanks for the feedback!
Play Altered Emerald here!

Thanks to DizzyEgg and the EBEU team for the battle engine, features, and dynamic expansion, lu-ho for a-map, gamer2020 for pge, Microsoft Windows for Task Manager, about 5 different hex editors, Chaos rush for sprites and an animation disable tutorial, Spherical Ice for several excellent asm routines, Neon Skylar for Pokemon data past gen 3, YAPE while it lasted, Scizz, Knizz, darthatron's numerous tools, hackmew, Chronosplit and yall for playing.

Altered Emerald is off on break for a bit now. This patch is looking really nice and polished, so it's staying up for a while.