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I have Crawdaunt, Scyther and Onix. It probably seems insufficient but I prefer to catch pokemons I wish to use permanently so the exp don't go to waste.

Level wise they were around mid twenties until I used hacked-rare candies to boost Scyther until he got aerial at around 30 because the first fight gym wrecked me (which was why I was so pissed about the wing attack. It would've been a lot easier if he had that move).

Crawdaunt- same thing. Hacked in candies so he would get crabhammer. Water gun couldn't get me past the gym. I realise my pokemon could do it, but I just didn't have a stronger water type move. Water gun was just way too weak. As expected, with crabhammer, it was easy.

Seems like the issue isn't with the game, I guess. Sorry if my previous review was scathing. You did put in a lot of effort. The problem is that this game is meant for more experienced players who know all the intricate workings and how to play the game most optimally.

I'm not a huge Pokemon buff and am a casual player, so there's that. And for the puzzle, it will probably take two runs for you because you know the route exactly. Other players might be having difficulty especially if they're weaker and need to heal after each battle.

Wish you luck improving the hack along the way,
Thanks man, it's helpful to get feedback from all players! I'd really like the game to be as accessible as possible, so your complaints are far more useful for improving my game than any amount of praise.

Thinking about it, the 5th gym is probably the oldest surviving part of the hack, it's gone virtually untouched since I first made it and it's high time I killed my darling as it were. I think I'm gonna make the route to the door direct almost every time. Should make it much less irritating.
Play Altered Emerald here!

Thanks to DizzyEgg and the EBEU team for the battle engine, features, and dynamic expansion, lu-ho for a-map, gamer2020 for pge, Microsoft Windows for Task Manager, about 5 different hex editors, Chaos rush for sprites and an animation disable tutorial, Spherical Ice for several excellent asm routines, Neon Skylar for Pokemon data past gen 3, YAPE while it lasted, Scizz, Knizz, darthatron's numerous tools, hackmew, Chronosplit and yall for playing.

Altered Emerald is off on break for a bit now. This patch is looking really nice and polished, so it's staying up for a while.