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Oh wow! I love your trainer headshots. Are they characters that you made or are they commissioned? They're very true to ORAS's style and I appreciate your eye for consistency. :)

Also I'd love to see a colored version of your last drawing! The linework is so clean you could put it in a coloring book, imo!

Thank you very much! Most of them I did for an RP I was in here on Pokecommunity :D I'm always sorta iffy on taking commissions since I'm busy with college and I worry that I wouldn't get them done in a timely manner lol.

The cleanness is thanks to the stability and tools of Paint Tool Sai x'D My hands actually shake quite a bit when I draw so I owe a lot to having that program for line work lol. I've been working on coloring the last drawing too, attempting to color match by eye with the Sword and Sheild trailer :3

Oof, I'm sorry my reply is all over the place x'D

Whoop, I realize I forgot some of the images I've drawn for the headshots lol.


I've finished the drawing and it is now posted in place of the WIP :)