Winter Flame

Age 18
United States
Seen 8 Hours Ago
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Chapter 1: You Are Chosen
A 16 year old boy enters the house, “Man, I am so tired of school.” He puts his bag down and hears voices other than his parents.
“Hey son, can you come in here?” Mom asked when she saw him.
“What’s going on?” He walks into the room and sees Professor Sycammore. “Wait is that?”
“Professor Sycammore, yes.” Dad asnwered.
“Hello, you must be Flame.” Sycammore stands and shakes Flame’s hand.
“So why are you here?” Flame was wondering.
“I should get to that shouldn’t I? Well you are chosen to get a starter and become a trainer.” Sycammore explained.
“A starter? But this is America, Pokemon doesn’t exist but in games.” Flame responded.
“Yes but there is a secret place where pokemon do live, it’s called Pokemon Islands. Where pokemon and humans colide.” Sycammore explained.
“Well guessing it’s you, it’s probably the starters of Froakie, Fennekin, and Chespin.” Flame Guessed.
“You guess correctly.” Sycammore said as he took out all three pokemon from their pokeballs.
“I will have to go with Froakie.” Flame said giving no thought about it.
“That was quick.” Sycammore said while Froakie jumps onto Flame’s shoulder. Sycammore hand him Froakie’s pokeball, a pokedex, and 5 pokeballs.
“I don’t know if I can actually go exploring yet, I do have school.” Flame concered.
“Don’t worry about that, we got you covered.” Sycammore assured him.
“Oh hey, have this egg.” His mom gave him a pokemon egg.
“Thanks.” He politely replies, unknowing where the egg came from.
The next day at school
“Where is the kid named Flame?” A Guy demanded while standing outside the school. Flame gets tossed out of the school like a rotten bag of tomatoes.
“Well well well, look who it is.” The guy said menicingly.
“What do you want?” Flame asked the guy.
“I want a battle, Pokemon battle.” Guy responded grabing a pokeball from his belt. “So accept or not?” Froakie pops out of the pokeball looking at the guy then at Flame. “Even he wants to battle.”
“Fine, ready Froakie?” Flame asking the tiny frog pokemon.
“Froakie.” Froakie replies and stares at the other trainer.
“Alright then, Tauros I choose you!” He said releasing a giant pokemon, looking to be a bull like one. “I will let the newbie go first.”
“Alright then, Froakie use Pound!” Flame commanded and Froakie went in for a pound. Not surprisingly the Tauros was only nudged a little.
“Gotta do better than that if you want any damage, Tauros use Horn Attack!” He commanded and Tauros went charging toward Froakie. Froakie dodged it, barely getting hit.
“Froakie has fast reflexes.” He complimented.
“Thank you, now Froakie use Bubble.” Flame said and bubbles came from Froakie and went to Tauros. Lowered the HP a bit, but didn’t do much.
“Finish this off Tauros, this is a pathetic match. Use Horn Attack again.” He commanded, Tauros went charging once more. But sadly Froakie took a beating this time.
“Froakie you okay?” Flame asked and Froakie got back up with struggle, huge struggle. Seriously how is the pokemon even able to get up?
“Alright Froakie, use Pound once more!” Flame commanded and Froakie went in.
“Tauros, Horn Attack once more!” He commanded and Tauros charged at Froakie. A cloud a fog covered the battle area. About a moment or two later it cleared. Tauros was struggling to stay up, and Froakie was knocked out.
“Better than I originally thought, I only hope you live up to the legend.” Guy says as he calls back Tauros.
“What legend?” Flame asks in curiosity while calling back his Froakie.
“Oh I am sure you will find out, sooner or later.” He says as he walks away.
“I wonder what he could mean.” Flame wonders.
Later that day, after school at home
“About ready?” Sycammore asks.
“Yeah, lets go.” Flame answered, wondering what he meant by legend.