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  • All right, continuing on my journey my next spot was Circhester. First I had to go through Route 7, which was a fairly short route. Next was Route 8, which had a little more going. Oh my gosh I stumbled upon a Falinks and I can see why folks are obsessed with those guys haha.
  • Made it to Circhester! Was doing some sightseeing, and went into one of the hotels. One of the rooms had this little mini sidequest where this guy was trying to figure out who ate the berries and brought in three suspects. He even did the Ace Attorney "Objection!" pose haha.
  • One other site I went too was the city's restaurant. One thing I noticed was a scroll on the wall depicting the two heroes. Um, what?
  • Gym time! So the gym mission wasn't hard but I was as careful as I can so that I don't start all over. I did fall quite a few times, especially on the final part of the obstacle, haha. It was then my battle against Gordie. Connery was able to pretty much one shot everyone including his G-Max Colossal. 6th badge get!
  • After the gym battle, Sonia invited Hop and me to that same restaurant I visited earlier. She noticed the wall scroll I mentioned earlier and believed the hot bath place might have some answers. We went there and Sonia talks a bit more lore, and then Hop asked to have a battle with him. I'm kinda happy that he brought his old team back, not happy his Snorlax returned though LOL.
  • Next destination was Spikemuth. While going through Route 9, I battled against Team Yell. The same dude that gave me the Rotom bike also made it go through water! I'll have to play around that more later.
  • Once I reached Spikemuth, the entrance was closed. Marnie though approached me and showed me a short cut, but wanted a Pokemon battle before letting me through. Switched around my Pokemon to get the most advantage out of her, and then it came down to Mercedes and Marnie's Scrafty. Torment from a previous Pokemon was used on Mercedes, so I couldn't use Dazzling Gleam a second time. I improvised by using Sweet Kiss and Scrafty got confused lol. After I defeated me, she let me through.
  • Spikemuth had been overrun by Team Yell, and my gym mission was to defeat them. After doing just that, Marnie was talking to some Team Yell folks and it was revealed Team Yell closed off Spikemuth so Marnie can be the only gym challenger. Marnie was not happy about that, heh.
  • Right, now time for my battle against Piers. Ahhhh I was caught off guard the new music for Piers and I kinda dig it. Mercedes using Attract against Obstagoon and then Obstagoon falling in love was hilarious to me. Seventh badge, get!
  • After getting the badge, I met up with Hop and another explosion/earth shaking occurred. Leon came and told said he would take care of that. I then went through Route 9 tunnel and headed straight to Hammerlock. Hop approached me and showed me a news headline of how Leon dealt with some Dynamax Pokemon. Leon came again and said to focus on my gym challenge. Mrgrgrgr I'm being blocked off doing more plot! And oh hi Professor Magnolia nice seeing you after I won seven badges.

Current team:
  • Connery- Inteleon, Lv 51
  • Ingrid- Corviknight, Lv 51
  • Roark- Colossal, Lv 50
  • Dedue- Nuzleaf, Lv 50
  • Mercedes- Alcremie Lv 50
  • Caleb- Centiskorch, Lv 50

That's it for this log! I think I'll train a tiny bit before going against Raihan, and then evolve Dedue into Shifty. Until next time!

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