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    Flashbacks, flashbacks everywhere! XD

    Manga 536 leaks
    Ahahaha, Masaki reminds me of Mashiro.

    I thought this was a very nice wrap-up to the flash back.
    And the end of the chapter is pretty good.
    Isshin will reveal another big secret that he had been keeping from Ichigo.

    So it seems like we're going from one flashback to another, possibly. xD

    Overall, I was pretty satisfied with this chapter. You done good Kubo.

    Originally Posted by -Lapras-
    The greatest lovestory ever told.


    kidchigo not having control of the hollow killed mummy? I smell Linkin Park amvs.
    It's a better love story than Twilight.

    Yay for boobies! :P

    That' a very interesting idea, but I'd rather not have to read through more Ichiangst. :/