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    Originally Posted by Etoire View Post
    It's very interesting! I'm rather interested in what will happen next... Barclay not getting his pokemon is slightly unexpected. I liked how you seem to incorporate the manga slightly into the story (Am I wrong...? The names of the characters seem to fit the manga characters.) If there's any criticism I can give, it's the prologue. The first two paragraphs are confusing and the words seem to take a while to form a proper image. If you can reword them to be simple and captivating to the average reader, then it'd do well in attracting readers. Or something along those lines.
    Thanks for the criticism. Anyways, you'll see what happens with Barclay and what not. As you read along with the chapters, you'll notice influence from the manga, and maybe even from the anime. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I worked hard on this. Next chapter may come sometime this week or sometime today, depends on my mood.

    Alas, keep on reading. If you find the first two chapters interesting, I'm sure you'll like what else I have planned in this story.

    Credit for the theme goes to Hybrid Trainer

    anyways, check out my fanfic, Legends of Kanto
    first volume completed, chapter releases on the way!
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