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    Blue ceased his clapping as he approached Red with a cocky little smile that matched his serious, green eyes. Red glared at his rival as he approached with the thought of their previous battle running through his mind. Blue gave a slight chuckle, because he could tell what the other trainer was thinking.

    “What are you doing here, Blue?” Red said as he and Charmander glared with great intensity.

    “I’m just exploring, that’s all.” The tone in Blue’s voice was flat. “So you appeared to capture that Spearow with ease.”

    “Oh, yeah,” the trainer said as he looked and pointed to his Nidoran, “she did a very good job.”

    A small smile spread across the poison Pokemon’s face upon Red’s acknowledgement of her battle. The trainer then silently looked down to his Poke Ball as the elder man spoke up, “Indeed, that was an impressive capture.”

    Before Red could thank the man, he was interrupted by Blue’s nasally, mocking laughter. His anger only seemed to grow with each second he glared at his rival. Charmander clenched his shaking fist. The trainer then held out the Poke Ball, “If you’re gonna laugh, than back it up! Let’s battle again!” Red furiously said.

    Blue ceased his laughter, but his devilish, over-confident little smile still remained on his face. He grabbed a Poke Ball out of his pocket and spun it around on his finger, “Fine then, I wouldn’t mind defeating you again,” Blue said as it appeared he was going to drop his Poke Ball as he moved his hand away, but he caught it and held it front of his face, “but not right now, anyways. I’d like to heal my Pokemon before hand, if you wouldn’t mind.” He paused for a moment and captured Red’s gazing glare, “That might not be such a bad idea for you, either.”

    As much as Red disliked Blue for his mocking and teasing, he still couldn’t fight his logic of going to the Pokemon Center. The trainer silently muttered, “Right” as he nodded. Both the trainers began to walk in the direction of the Pokemon Center while the old man returned to his food kiosk. Red had completely forgotten about his hunger upon Blue’s arrival, for now he was only hungry for battle.

    The two walked in awkward silence through the streets of Viridian City before reaching their destination. The entire time, Red was glaring at his opponent. Blue was aware of his angry stare, but paid no mind, he didn’t care. The automatic doors to the Pokemon Center opened for them, and they approached the front desk. Blue handed Nurse Joy three of his Poke Balls and Red thought, <I wonder what other Pokemon he’s caught.> as he handed the woman Spearow’s Poke Ball. He looked back to Nidoran who was still following his every move. She didn’t appear to have taken on much damage during her battle with Spearow, there was not a scratch on her. Red decided to return her and Charmander to their Poke Balls.

    While they waited for their Pokemon to heal, Blue made his way over to the video telephones so he could call his grandfather and his sister, Daisy. Eventually, Red would peek over while Blue chatted with his sister so he could check her out. Blue’s sister was a beautiful girl, with long, flowing brown hair and sparking blue eyes that just made Red melt and wish he could see her in person again. When Blue’s video-phone chat ended, Red quickly turned around in hopes that his rival hadn’t caught his spying eyes.

    Red chatted away with a few trainers in the waiting lobby and watched them get called up to the front desk for their Pokemon. Each time a trainers Pokemon was healed, Nurse Joy summoned them via a microphone that echoed through the entire Pokemon Center. It was about half an hour before he heard, “Would trainers Red and Blue please come to the front desk for your Pokemon.” The boys complied and approached the front desk. As they received their Poke Balls, a question ran through Blue’s mind that he proceeded to ask.

    “Excuse me Nurse Joy, if you wouldn‘t mind, could you direct us to a battlefield, if there is one located at this facility?” Blue’s voice was kind and calm, a tone Red was unfamiliar with.

    “Oh why yes, I wouldn’t mind. Please follow me.”

    Red took the opportunity to scan Spearow‘s Poke Ball for data while he and Blue followed Nurse Joy through one of the doors leading to the back of the Pokemon Center. The part of the building she led them through was the section for hospitalized Pokemon. The trainers looked through a window to see many tired and wounded Pokemon hooked up to machines and being cared for by multiple Chansey in nurse hats. Nurse Joy then proceeded to open a door towards the end of the room, which led outside. Behind the Pokemon Center was an official battlefield, with the design of a Poke Ball painted white in the center. There was one box on each side for each trainer.

    “Here is where you two will be battling. I will act as judge for the battle, if you two don’t mind.” Nurse Joy kindly said.

    “Not at all, miss.” Blue calmly stated.

    Blue and Red then proceeded to stand on opposite sides of the battlefield. Red stood on his side with his legs spread apart and his fists clenched in front of him. There was a serious look raging in his eyes as he stared at Blue’s calm, emotionless face. Nurse Joy stood away from the battle field, took a look at both trainers and asked “Are the two of you ready?”

    “I’m ready.” Blue nodded.

    “You bet!” Red exclaimed.


    Nurse Joy raised both her hands in the air, which was the judges signal for the trainers to release their Pokemon, and they proceeded to do so. Both trainers released a flying type Pokemon from their Poke Balls, with Blue having sent out a Pidgey to face off Red’s newly caught Spearow. It was almost like an instant rivalry formed as soon as both Pokemon laid eyes upon each other.

    Red took the honors of the first strike, and commanded Spearow to use a peck attack. Blue waited for the bird Pokemon’s sharp beak to near his Pidgey before he commanded a counterattack. Pidgey proceeded to carry out its trainers order of a quick attack, and it did so gracefully. The tiny bird Pokemon’s body propelled at a high speed and rammed into Spearow head first. The red winged bird Pokemon managed to hold itself in the air after the attack, however.

    <Darn it, head on attacks won’t work…> Red thought as he watched Pidgey advanced for Spearow with a tackle attack, “Spearow, use a Fury Attack!”

    Spearow yelled and charged for Pidgey once more with its sharp beak. Blue ordered Pidgey to dodge, and a surprised look overcame the trainers face as he watched Spearow attempt to strike his Pokemon, even after each time it dodged. This gave him no room to order an attack. Before he could even think of something to do, Spearow managed to strike Pidgey twice. His tiny bird Pokemon managed to evade further harm after the second blow hit.

    “Now it’s our turn! Pidgey, use a Quick attack!”

    “Spearow, try another Fury Attack!”

    Both flying type Pokemon charged for each other, but Pidgey managed to hit its opponent before it could strike again with its sharp beak. Spearow began to descend to the ground in a spin, but managed to gain balance and catch air before hitting the ground below. The red winged bird angrily advanced for its opponent again with its sharp beak, but this time without command from its trainer.

    Red watched with a confused look in his eyes as his Spearow acted on its instincts. “Spearow, straight forward attacks won’t work, it’ll counter!” Red said in his attempt to reason with his Pokemon, but it fell upon deaf ears.

    <Heh, it’s losing patience… I can take control form here.> Blue thought before he uttered his command, “Pidgey, use your Gust Attack!”

    Pidgey began to flap its wings at a very high speed, creating strong forces of wind aimed towards the advancing Spearow. The determined Pokemon fought as hard as it could against the strong currents of wind before being overtaken. Red watched as his Spearow quickly spiraled to the ground. Red commanded his Pokemon to recover from the attack, but the gusts of wind were too powerful, and it slammed on the ground. Pidgey ceased its attack as a dust cloud surrounded the area where Spearow landed. The dust cleared, and Spearow was laying immobile on the ground.

    “Spearow is unable to battle, Pidgey wins!” Nurse Joy exclaimed.

    Red returned Spearow to its Poke Ball as Pidgey flew down to Blue and landed on his arm.

    “You did your best, Spearow.”

    Red respectfully said as he glared at Blue, who returned his stare with his usual cocky smile.

    “I knew it wasn’t gonna be that hard to defeat you again!” Blue mocked.

    Instantly, Red felt his blood boil with the heat of a thousand suns. His face flushed a deeper shade of red than his jacket as he angrily yelled out, “Wait, I still have more Pokemon!”

    Blue returned Pidgey to its Poke Ball before turning his head towards Red with a reply. “Sure, I wouldn’t mind mopping the floor with you again.” He calmly stated as he shrugged his arms.

    Nurse Joy watched as both trainers threw the Poke Balls containing their next Pokemon onto the battlefield. The second Pokemon of Blue’s was a diminutive rat with purple fur riding a top its body and large buck teeth. The Pokemon exclaimed its name, “Rattata!” as it watched Red’s Pokemon materialize. The female Nidoran was the rat Pokemon’s opponent for this battle. Both creatures glared at each other as they waited for their trainers to issue commands.

    “I’ll take the honors this time. Rattata, use a Tackle attack!”

    “Nidoran, use Scratch!”

    Both small Pokemon charged for each other as their trainers once more ordered commands. Nidoran struck the purple Pokemon with her sharp claws. When Rattata got back up, it angrily glared at the female Pokemon with its red eyes. Blue then ordered a quick attack, which struck Nidoran before it could retaliate. She attempted to strike Rattata with her sharp claws again, but the small Pokemon was too fast. This process occurred each time Nidoran attempted to attack. The battle was at a standstill, as the female Pokemon’s constant attack gave no opportunity for Rattata to attack back before having to dodge again.

    <Both these trainers and their Pokemon seem really into it, this is an exciting battle.> Nurse Joy thought as a smile spread across her face.

    Finally, Nidoran managed to catch up with the speedy Rattata. Blue found himself in a moment of frustration as he began to grind his teeth as he watched his Pokemon hit the ground. For once, he didn’t have the upper hand. Still, he issued a command with flare in his voice, “Rattata, try another Quick Attack!”

    The purple Pokemon got back up to its feet, but it’s previous process of dodging Nidoran’s scratch attacks left it tired and panting. It still managed to carry out its trainers command, only it wasn’t as fast as it was before when it charged for Nidoran.

    “Nidoran, use your Poison Sting!” Red exclaimed.

    As the tired Rattata neared its opponent, she released a fury of purple poison darts from her mouth. The purple Pokemon attempted to dodge Nidoran’s attack, but it was too late. Blue watched with a surprised look on his face as the attack collided head on with his Rattata, each poisonous barb stinging its body. Rattata struggled to get back up on its feet. When it managed to stand, it looked flushed and sick. The wobbly Pokemon was barely able to hold its position. Before either trainer was able to issue another command, Nurse Joy exclaimed “Stop!” as she rushed onto the battlefield.

    Both trainers watched with a confused look on their faces as Nurse Joy approached Blue’s Rattata. By the time she had reached it, the rat Pokemon fell to the ground and began panting. The nurse put her hand over Rattata’s head, picked it up, and held it in her arms.

    “Blue, your Rattata is very sick.” She said as she looked down to the Pokemon in her arms. “It appears to have contracted the poison status ailment from Nidoran’s Poison Sting attack, and requires immediate medical attention.”

    Blue simply nodded as Nurse Joy rushed into the building. A closer look at Rattata would have revealed how sick the poisoning had made it, with the look of agony in the eyes it closed so tightly and an uneasy breathing pattern. Red approached Blue with Nidoran at his side, and both Pokemon trainers were making eye contact. Neither could read the others mixed emotions.

    “Looks like I won that round!” Red exclaimed as his eyes shined with joy.

    “Pfft, don’t be so over confident, we were tied at one a piece.” Blue scoffed as he looked down to the female Nidoran that handed Rattata defeat. He smirked before returning his attention to Red, “But tying with you is just as bad as losing, so don’t get used to it!”

    A rush of anger overcame Red as his face flushed crimson, as Blue walked away before he could say anything back. He and Nidoran’s eyes were matching with a glare for their rival as he walked into the Pokemon center, with the trainers fist tightly clenching. He shook off his anger when the thought that he still obtained victory against Blue crossed through his mind again. He knelt down to Nidoran’s level and began to pet the side of her face. Nidoran looked confused at first, but then proceeded to enjoy Red’s show of affection.

    “You did a great job, Nidoran. I’m proud of you.”

    Red and Nidoran walked inside the building.

    An hour had passed since the battle had taken place as Red patiently waited for his Spearow to be healed for the second time that day. He had barely been on his journey for two days, and he already had three Pokemon by his side. As his thoughts began to center around all the other Pokemon he could capture, he heard the call of Nurse Joy paging him over the microphone for his healed Pokemon. He thanked Nurse Joy once more as he received Spearow’s Poke Ball, and proceeded to exit the Pokemon Center. When he walked outside, he noticed Blue walking away from it. He quickly rushed towards his rival with a question.

    “So, is your Rattata all healed up?”

    The tone of Red’s voice was inquisitive, but flat as he remembered feeling insulted by Blue’s harsh words earlier. As another show of either disrespect or cockiness, Blue refused to make eye contact with his rival as he spoke, preferring to fixate his gaze in front of him.

    “No, it’s going to take an entire night to heal, and I don’t have time to waste.”

    “B-but-” Red stuttered, appalled by Blue’s actions. “You captured that Pokemon, you’re not even gonna train it?”

    “Of course not. It’s not worth training if it got so easily defeated by you. Now leave me alone, I have a region to explore.”

    Blue got the last word again as he rushed in whatever direction Red wasn’t going. The trainer glared at his overconfident rival, but shook his gaze as he realized he had the same objective.

    The only direction Red had to go was forward, the direction he proceeded to walk in as he exited the city. He hadn’t walked for long before the streets of the city turned into trees that only grew thicker and thicker as he proceeded. Red wasn’t paying any attention to his surroundings, and before he knew it the trees began to block out the afternoon sun that hung high in the sky. Then his view of the sun became almost completely engulfed, and all he could see is trees. He was now in the Viridian Forest.

    Credit for the theme goes to Hybrid Trainer

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