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    hey! guys! I inserted a day/night feature!
    also, I even finished planning on a junk rom, and started mapping!
    I inserted the forest town first.
    I'l replace viridian city with the town.
    And that animation took a while too. that black line is already fixed.
    this is it:

    that shows both the Day/night feature, and the insert.
    it was 825 P.M when I made that, so... it works. the Day/Night feature that is.
    also, In case you did not notice my edit, this is the fixed animated banner:

    heh heh. 2 gifs in one.

    Addded about 50 more frames.
    for the words.
    witchever one you like better, I'm fine with.
    but... here the better one, in my opinion.:

    Who wants lunch?

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