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I'll probably look up something later. idk what I could be doing wrong though. :/ I've tried the Katakana codes at least four times each now. And I know it's not a number code because the first time I played this file, I remember them giving me the numbers 2, 2, 2, and 0. This time I got no numbers and I battled all of them and talked to them all after winning. Multiple times. So idk, maybe I'm hitting the wrong Katakana? I'm matching it up with what I've been reading though so idk. :/ This makes me upset. I wanna finish this challenge. If not today then...just in general. lmao

Edit: Didn't know there was a translating qwerty keyboard in the game. I used that and made it through. Too bad I spent about an hour and a half stumped. :/ idk if I'll finish by the end of the day now.

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