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Originally Posted by EvilChameleon View Post
First Halo game to ever have a custom games browser though! Something we have been asking for forever.
I guess I'll give them that one. I still remember custom game hopping in h3 lol.

But it's all the gameplay changes aswell as how any meaningful customization has been stripped out to appease the mlg players. They got their uber-fast paced eSports shooter, but us actual halo fans are left dissapointed. Heck, even ashamed! And this is coming from someone who went under the username "ODSTmarine" for years.

All in all I think it's a terrible halo game. Too fast paced with all these jets and Superman bullcrap, lack of customization, and a point I didn't touch on, horsecrap story that made no sense unless you read the books, with no coop to boot.
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