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Note: This is a story of an umbreon just like me, named Chandra. Her name is never mentioned, but IT IS NOT ME. ok? Ok. *gives reader a cookie for understanding* ^_^

.: P a r t 1:.

My story begins here, in the forest surrounding blackthorn city.The forest I was born in. In pokemon years, I am about 17. I had just the Other day, left my family's den. all My brothers and sisters had also left to survive on their own, or with a sibling. Most of them left in pairs and would split up later to fend for themselves. But I had chosen to leave on my own, confident I could make It alone. But now I realize I was wrong. The first night I had to sleep in a damp hollow log, and I had to eat bugs and mice. I tried to eat some grass to wash out the bad taste, which was not natural as my species is carnivorous, And it just made me sick. I was parched after that and had to walk 3 miles to find water safe enough to drink (I found a stagnant pool which after one lick made me even sicker) and another mile just to find the log. I learned an Important lesson about survival that day: It isn't easy.
Now, back to the present. I am currently travelling to find A battle to raise my level. I'll explain why. the first few days of my journey, I realized my level was really low. Play-fighting with my siblings had only levelled me up to about 13, and I needed to be at least 30 to match up to the local predators. To survive I need A high level, and 13 was definately not enough. Walking through the forest on a summer evening, of course the air is full of mosquitoes. I'm beginng to think the little pests like my the best. I saw a huge old tree with Curvy, knarling root that stuck out of the ground, making a small cave. I crawled in, in an attempt to escape the mosquitoes. As the sun began to set, I decided to give up my search and settle in for the night. as I moved deeper into the cave, I realized there was a tunnel dug out of the earth. I thought it must have been used and abandoned by some other pokemon or animal. It was abit larger than me so I had no trouble giong deeper and deeper until.. I froze. I heard A sound! whatever was living in here was still living here! I heard A low growl that escolated into A vicious snarl. Two red eyes glowed in the dark.

.: P a r t 2:.
I tried to back out of the tunnel, but I was too slow, so, foolishly, I turned and dashed out. The creature leapt out after me. as it stepped into the light, I saw it was a spiny yellow creature with a white ruff and a bushy area like a tail. It attacked without warning, and sprang toward me. I dodged, and leapt behind one of the huge roots of the tree. I peeked out from behind the root. I ducked quickly, seeing a stream of needles shoot above my head! The jolteon jumped over the root and attempted to pounce on me. I dodged, and leapt over the root. But something told me not to run. A voice buried deep inside me, struggling to be heard. It came out as a challenging growl. I gasped, and stood frozen. The jolteon leapt over again, accepting the 'challenge' My mind yelled to run away, but I stood like a statue. The voice battled my mind, it screamed, ::stand and FIGHT!::, while my mind said to run away. My opponet was way too strong! But the Jolteon was getting ready to attack, I had to think fast. I snapped to reality and dodged quickly. I felt a powerful darkness building in my throat, choking me, I tried to fight it down, but It forced its way up, rocketing toward the jolteon. Nooooo!!! I yelled as it made contact with the Pokemon and intantly ended it. I squeezed my eyes shut,tears streaming out of them. I turned and ran away crying.

.: P a r t 3:.
I ran for a long time. I wasn't looking, my eyes were flooded with tears.I stumbled, and felt rocks crumbling beneath me. I cried out as I tumbled down a rocky slope. I hit the bottom with a sickening thud. My body was stinging all over. Iopened my eyes. it was raining. I tried to get up, but trying to lift my own weight was overwhelming. I dropped to the ground, helpless to be attacked by the other high-levelled predators. I felt the dark veil of unconciusness slipping over me. I fought to stay awake for one last moment., In that moment, that fraction of a second, I saw a light. A human-made light. I was just outside the city. just after that moment, I fell unconcious. but not quite. I could still hear everything around me because of my powerful hearing. I heard foot steps. But...something was different about them. the pattern wasn't like a pokemon's footsteps... then I heard a human gasp. the footsteps quickened. I then felt human paws piking my up. I tried to struggle, or make a sound, but I was still knocked out. I heard the footsteps running. I felt it's pulse quicken. I later heard many strandge sounds, and some other humans talking in a worried voice. but I was too weak to pay attention. I then felt a strange thing put on me that covered my nose and mouth. I knew then that I was going to die.
but how could I be telling you this now if I did?

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