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Somewhere beyond the Veil
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Posted June 3rd, 2013
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Okay, I've been reading this story for a while but haven't gotten around to reviewing it. All I can say is that it is amazing. Even with all the shifts of character you're able to hold on to all aspects of the story, and I can tell everything's going to fall into place at the end. This is really well written. I haven't completely read any of your other stories,(I'm towards the beginning of TTMGTDTW now) but I think you captured the story and turned it into something with a real plot to it. I also love all the references to things that you stick in here(I almost burst out laughing at the little note you put at the end of that one chapter regarding why the number 42 is unlucky in Sinnoh).

I'm too lazy to check the eye colors of the Creation Trio to see which one is green, so I really have no idea which one Liza may be.

Just wondering, but where was Darkling Town anyway? I keep picturing it as being on an island on the west coast around Canalave (isn't that what the port city on the west coast is called? The one with the library?) I apologize if you've already covered this and I just forgot, or if this is just me asking for a spoiler.

From what you've said in this chapter I'm pretty sure the Desk Sitter is Giratina in some form. I find it interesting that you have Giratina being on Cyrus's side because in the game, wasn't it one of the main reasons that Cyrus's plan failed? I know you aren't following the storyline of Platinum exactly, but I was just being curious.

This story, like I said before, is amazing. The D/P/Pt storyline is my favorite, and you have definitely done it justice. Keep it up!