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Actually Gamefreak is not "that" lazy. To clarify things:
The AGB music player is part of the Nintendo SDK. And they did a pretty decent job on doing a very efficient music player although there is some flaws here and there (like the noisy sound). This music player was implemented into the BIOS when the AGB came out to have a fast music player that doesn't need IWRAM for Code which is stored in the BIOS (remember, BIOS memory is as fast as IWRAM). This however turned out to be a problem: There was some bugs with the old versions of the music player and because Nintendo let the Developer to choose BIOS or IWRAM (updateable) code almost all developers used the IWRAM solution.
So "you only have to use swi functions" is not 100% correctly. Anyway, there is not much Nintendo could have done a lot better. With my code and (enough free CPU load which Pokegames don't have) you could reach very good quality. So it's not "all bad".

Some other developers like Camelot (--> developed Golden Sun) however completley rewrote the code of some parts of the music which provide much higher quality and lower CPU load. This is how they could make the game provide one of the best GBA soundtracks in my opinion:


I might actually try to port their engine to Pokemon in the future but I don't promise that. The code they use is even 10 times as complicated as it already was with Nintendos one. The other thing that'll be tough to do is to add the support for compressed samples and reverse playback to this engine (which no other game than Pokemon is able to; default sound driver modded by Gamefreak).

I don't know why it won't work. I tried it once on my own on Firered US and it worked.
Usually "bad settings" that are language depended shouldn't crash the game (although the sound myight turn really buggy).

Check again if you did the assembly process correctly (correct settings) and if you did all the pointers correctly.
Other than that I don't know what could have gone wrong...
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