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Posted June 16th, 2018
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Hack name: Pokémon: Alloy and Ingot
Hack of: (not really a hack of any game)
Information about the hack: In the time period before Pokémon Gold and Silver, but after Red and Blue, the player is packing for college, when he/she finds out his/her neighbor, Professor Chestnut, is giving him/her a Pokémon! Embark on an adventure against Team Fantasy and their leader, the Duke of Dreams, a clever man who aims to rule all dreams. Your rivals, Cole and Jack, aid you on your adventure, and become members of the Elite Four.
Finished percentage: Believe it or not, a solid 15%
Your hacking skills: Basically Existing, Story Writing, Basic Stuff, RPG Maker XP (Not scripting).
What help or skill you're looking for: All of the above? Oh, that isn't an option, here's a list:
1) Music (FL Studio, etc.)
2) Scripter
3) Graphical Designer/spriter(s) (for the following: tileset making, characters, fakémon[preferably animated], and attack animations.)
Additional contact information: Click --> here <-- to chat with me, and email me at to let me know.
Additional information: Anyone who replies get's to become a gym leader in the game.

And, I just want to say, thank you, even if you only considered this option, thanks.