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Posted October 4th, 2019
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So, I made the fixes to the .ini, and yet, I was still running into errors. I was looking through the Touched's original post to see if I could find any hints to what wasn't working, when I realized somthing kind of embarrassing. This whole time, I forgot the keystone. ._.

From the sounds of it, my .ini wouldn't have worked anyway prior to fixing it, thanks for being patient with me. :)

By the way, may be worth having a reminder about the keystone (Gold Teeth by defult) in the OP, just to prevent newbies like me from derping up.
No problem, I'm happy to help you, and I haven't made any information about things like the Key Stone because I made it by default, then before patching anything, everyone have to look at the original thread to know how it works.
See ya. ^^