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    Originally Posted by BlueNwz View Post
    Hi friends i am new to this forum and i am sorry if it's been asked before. I tried searching in the thread but couldn't get what i wanted. So here's my question about this hack. There are 4th and 5th gen pokemon but not their moves right? THERE ARE NO 4TH GENERATION MOVES LIKE STONE EDGE OR AQUA TAIL ETC? AND SAME GOES FOR GEN 5? Am i right? I would be very happy if someone cares to reply to this. So i can get a chimchar, evolve it to monferno and then infernape but it will not learn it's gen 4 moves like flare blitz or close combat? I had this doubt because i my croconaw did not learn ice fang :( . Will wait for your response. Thanks.
    Also where do i get the TM Substitute? Thanks.
    You are entirely correct. There are no 4th or 5th gen. moves. Do not rely on sites like Bulbapedia for their movesets here.

    Originally Posted by Boquito17 View Post
    Hi everyone. Sorry if this has been asked before, but where on earth can I find a Super Repel? Every PokeMart I've vistsed only has Max Repels :|

    Need it to get rid of the Arons. lol.

    EDIT: I found at Groment City! :) :) :)
    Yes, Groment City is the first location to find items that are not "Max" items. I wish the lowest-level items were available early on, but getting a Pokémon with Pickup is vital in the early going as they will be collecting lots of Super Potions, Ultra Balls, etc. all for free. You can even get Gold Nuggets with which to buy the Max items - or not, if you spend time training and overpower others easily.
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