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What's up around the forums

Hello there! For many, springtime is just around the corner, for others the summer is growing old. There are a lot of fun things going on around the forums right now, regardless of the state of things outside of the window! Check these out...


PC now has a Discord server dedicated to chatting and gaming! Discord is a chat client similar to Skype (but better according to some!). If you feel like meeting fellow gamers or just chit-chat with others, why not join?


Shake it out with your fellow forum goers to your favorite music over in PC's Dubtrack room! Once you get there, simply make an account, or connect to Dubtrack using your social media account, and you'll be able queue your favourite songs and chat with fellow PCers as they play. Have fun ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

The Film Club is letting you watch movies together with fellow forum members on Livestream! Don't miss out on the next one~


The newest pokémon games have been announced, and teased, and teased yet again... Vent your frustration or speculate about what we'll finally see when we finally get to see something, in PC's Sun & Moon section!


Welcome to PC's very own "lifestyle" section! Or rather, Food, Fitness and Fashion. Several things are going on in this place - which was created after a voting competition on which new forum the members would like to see.

Join the Food Fight #1 and vote on whether McDonalds or Burger King is the best hamburger fast food restaurant!

Get that Christmas fat off your body at last and get motivated and fit in PC's gym thread!


Our section for discussions & debates has gotten very lively lately. Don't forget to stay calm and understanding at all times~! Now you can share your hints and tips on how to debate properly in this thread:


In PC's forum games section, it's all about having fun! Join the Weekly Puzzle if you want to test your intelligence, reflexes and physical strength... Wait, physical strength on an online forum?


The roleplay section is lively with creativity and dreams. If you need some motivation for posting when it's your turn, or if you simply just love to make your own collection of pokémon, you should totally join the new Meta Journey adventure!


The tech section holds discussions on technology that we remember from days past! Right now the focus is on newspapers. The kind made of paper that you actually hold... I know right, who even does that anymore? Maybe you? Join the talk!


Up in the Treehouse of the PokéCommunity, we huddle together and fart talk about anything that's on our mind. Jump into the Daily Chit-Chat thread and say hi and become one in the gang as easy as one two five
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

If you have any questions about the events or threads in particular, feel free to contact the respective thread creators or each section's appointed moderator.

So, what events and featured threads do you think you want to check out first?
Don't be shy, this place is for all of us ♥‿♥