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The old New User's Hangout has now been replaced by the cool new Community Member Lounge! Focused less on member introductions and more on being a place for interesting conversation among new members as well as a jumping-off point for them to explore the rest of the forum, this thread includes the brand new Type Team system! Post about your favorite type and you'll be added to a list of members who call it their favorite!

The Community Member Lounge is a great place to check out the community and have some fun discussions, but if you're a serious fan of a particular type, you might want to check out our currently open Pokémon Clubs:

~Darkness Falls~ by Dedenne1
*A Freshly Scented Garden* by CharmedGardy
Harder than steel by TheRusty
The Fighting-Type Dojo by Pancham Cutie
The Shadow Realm by TempestGaming

But wait! What if you're a big fan of a type that doesn't have a thread? Well, why not make your own? Post it in Pokémon General with the [Club] prefix! Make sure you've read the rules of that section first though. If you do end up making one, feel free to send it to me as a VM or reply to this thread and I'll add it to the list.