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Originally Posted by Brizz View Post
Reminds of how amazing everyone thinks Michael Jackson is now that he's passes. For example, VH1 ranked Michael Jackson as the 40th greatest artist of all time just a few years before his death. When they made the list again (I believe a year or two ago) he was ranked number two. Sympathy vote much?
Putting aside my own love for Michael, I'm going to have to agree with you on this. I personally think he is the single best male artist of all time (note - in this I mean solo artist), but I was somewhat aggravated by this too. I'd love to feign naivety and say that 'oh, his death just got us to appreciate his music in a different way that we had before, we were touched all over again' but the way I see it is that yes, 'sympathy votes' were the reason these inaccurate lists placed him on the top, rather than judging him completely by his own merits and actions before his death.

I'm listening to Dirty Diana as I type this, lol.