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    Ha. Congratulations Ichigo, you are officially the first shounen protagonist ever to
    fail a training arc

    So yeah, she's about to die. Or maybe her bankai was some over the top Barragan thing which will will prevent that. Who knows?

    Renji shown as his "friend to playfully bicker with". Implying he'd care about a traitor who is massively weaker than himself.

    "You've been able to hold your own this entire time without the Asauchi's aid"

    What does this mean? I'm guessing Ichigo never used an Asauchi like other Shinigami as his power was injected to him by Rukia meaning he missed a crucial step in the development process? If he did he would have had a stronger bond with Zangetsu and his sword wouldn't have broken?

    "Not some Zanpakutoless human, go where you fit in"

    Probably means he'll go and ask Isshin, Ryuken or the fullbringers for help. If he does go down the Quincy route I bet his bow will fire Getsuga Tenshous. Would be even better if he went back to his Karate club roots and had Tatsuki become his next trainer. Yes, the next hundred chapters of Bleach will be a sports manga!