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    Dark, if you arent good with pictures then I will do the panning for you. You need to be very very good with pictures if you are doing a major part in the battle. What do you mean we will not have the game fullscreen? Like in the little gb roms with the emulator? They had a little border, but I don't know why we would bother doing our whole game like that... Seems a bit much effort for no reason

    And what's going on? You have done tackle for both pokemon? I already had our attack selection programmed in... and what was this about level-based enemyattacks? why is the enemy pokemon using tackle then..?

    I will send you those pokemon later dark..
    Arent you adding IF switches for pokemon and attacks..? That is a very important part.. then we can just use the whole bunch of IF switches for everything else we need, instead of having to program them again we can just copy and paste. (saves us time, effort, and cost of mistakes)

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