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^ Has a dirty mind lol.

Also, we're starting a WH collab (see: my signature), and if you want in PM me (don't post please lol) with what wolf Pokemon you want and what stuff you want in your signature (i.e. pair, links, etc.). I'll edit this post with who has a certain wolf Pokemon, only one person can have one.

Wolflare - Arcanine
Spinosaurus - Mightyena
ChaoSong - Umbreon
Kaori - Ninetales
The Wave - Espeon
Pave Low - Lucario
zappyspiker - Poochyena
Munch Dog - Growlithe
mal'akh - Leafeon
~Kawaii~ - Smeargle
BHwolfgang - Absol
TokioHumaNeko - Luxray
Fire Wolf - Shaymin Sky forme
Eeveon - Eevee

There are some others that I haven't listed.

Edit: Zorua and Zoroark can't be used because their Pokedex entry isn't released yet.

Edit 2: This collab has been closed, so no one can join anymore.