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Funniest RPer:

Most Creative RPer:

Laziest RPer: chomp

Most "Creatively Challenged" RPer (AKA, noobiest): *cracks knuckles* I was going to avoid this category, but since someone is a, well a censored word, I vote ART_CRITIC _CUBONE

Best RP plot: Pokemon: Neo Genesis

Most creative Plot-Writer: ACC

Scariest RP Master: Alter Ego (He Poked Me =( )

Most Devoted RPer:

Wordiest RPer: Random_Fan (Christ, his last post was mammoth)

Most Helpful RPer: Mika (She's adorable)

Most Annoying RPer: chomp (He's sooo inactive)

Favorite RP Character (Male): Victor Antechronos - ACC

Favorite RP Character (Female): Silence - Alter Ego

Funniest RP Character (Male): Sykes - Mizuki - Fire Emblem Blast her. I love this character/

Funniest RP Character (Female): Lucine - Archsage - Fire Emblem

Most Realistic RPer:

Most Diverse RPer:

Most Creative RP Promotional Banner Designer: Zaiku

The "Most Likelies"

Most Likely to Outsell J.K. Rowling's Books Someday: Archsage (The plot for YZ was beautiful)

Most Likely to Pick a Career where Little to No Writing is Required: Me

Most Likely to Revolutionize the Face of Roleplaying: Random_Fan

Most Likely to Start Their Own Forum:

Most Likely to Burn Out Their Caps Lock Button:

Most Likely to Have Their Gender Confused: Glajummy Sorry, with that user name, I can't tell what gender you are - Alter Ego (Damn your ambiguity)

Most Likely to Drop a Pop-Culture:

Most Likely to Spend the Rest of Their Natural Life in Front of a Computer Screen: Me

And The Reason We Create Threads Like This In the First Place:

RPer Of the Month: ACC

EDITED: BECAUSE ACC IS A JERK! *Sobs uncontrollably*
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