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    Greetings! In the process of working on my personal Emerald hack, I was looking into how to replace the sprite of Professor Birch in the intro.
    As you may or may not already know, his sprite is not found by unLZ, so I searched the Internet for answers.

    All of the tutorials I found stated that hackers must use either TileMolester (which in my opinion is a very painful program, plus the crutch of requiring Java)
    or TLP, which is an ancient program that does not actually support Emerald according to my tests.
    So, I got curious. And eventually, after much trial and error, I managed to edit his sprite in none other than NSE (Nameless Sprite Editor)!


    What you need:
    Sprite Offset: 553A90
    Palette Offset: 55A950
    Nameless Sprite Editor
    (I am using for this, however, 2.x will work.)
    A photo editing program such as GIMP or Photoshop (optional)

    Step One

    Open NSE and open your .gba file.
    Under "View", select "Offset". Enter the offsets above. Make sure you set the size to 64x64, and then click "Open".

    You should see this:

    Step Two

    You have two choices here:
    1. Edit Birch's sprite directly in NSE.
    2. Import your own sprite.

    If you choose 1, merely make your changes, hit Save, and you are done. Yay! ♪

    If you have a sprite to insert, go to "File", then hit "Import", then "Import Image".
    "Load" your image, keeping in mind that it must be an 64x64, indexed 16-colour .PNG or .BMP.
    If you do not know how to create such a file, please look through the forum for tutorials on sprite formatting.

    Once your sprite has loaded, be sure the drop-down box says "Image", not "Palette" or "All", and click "Save".

    Your image should now take Birch's place.

    In my game, I used a sprite from Black/White, resized and recoloured to match Birch's palette.
    If your sprite's palette does not match Birch's, you will have to edit your image to fit his colours.


    I hope this tutorial is able to help those struggling with editing the Pokemon Professor in their hacks.
    I have not tested this method in Ruby or Sapphire, but the offsets are

    Sprite Offset (Ruby): 39DC14
    Palette Offset (Ruby): 39E414

    Sprite Offset (Sapphire): 39DA5C
    Palette Offset (Sapphire): 39E25C

    (thanks to itari for the offsets!)

    Thanks for reading, and happy hacking! ♥

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