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    I'm back!!!
    For my next BIG DLC :
    As a symbol, The game change his name to Pokémon Cloud White. the dev of this dlc is up to 80% (I just need to finish trainers and some special script). This update include :
    -New Region called Mangan Island / Archipel Rouge
    -For exotism, some text are in french to make like a traditionnal language
    -A lot of weather
    -New Mega evo and introduce the mega gems
    -A story based on Kyogre - Groudon - Rayquaza
    - Team Rocket is back with 2 evil team...
    - World tournament and a lot of tournament
    - some reference to Johto, liquid crystal, ...
    - New TMs
    - A bus and ferry station system
    - Increase difficulty
    - Trophy/ achievement system
    - run inside
    - HG/SS music
    - new rival

    If I found the time at the end of the month i release another dlc with another part of the region but is just an idea for the moment...

    Donate for Cloud White games Here >>>
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