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    Well, kinda random to bump the thread now; but, I hoping to get a new Heat Sink in my ROM-hacking computer. But, I still got some news. Plus, I wanted you guys to know this project isn't dead.

    There's gonna be a new thread for this game, as I'm switching the base to Emerald.
    I'm also changing some things, like you get Giratina near your 5th, 6th badge instead of your before your 1st. Looking back, getting that before you go to the first gym was a retarded idea.

    Also, new Pokémon (Zoroa and Zoroark) will be added. The "main" legendary will be a Fakémon, but is a parallel to Arceus.

    I'm also gonna re-design Trey's sprite. His hair looks slightly awkward looking back on it.

    I also edited the features to reflect when I switch to Emerald.

    I spent most of last night, actually laying out the plot. So, now instead of making it up as I go along, the plot is solid now. Also, fans of the Official "evil teams", don't worry, they'll be in this.

    Also, in the "Battle Building" that's replacing the Pokémon League, you guys can make your own Trainers, so you could be in the game.
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