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    Welcome to the PokéCommunity Pokémon Trading Card Showcase Thread! Here you can show your card collection to your fellow members of PC and talk about your favorite cards that you own. Whether you just got into the Pokémon TCG or you've been collecting your whole life, feel free to show us what you got!

    To get the ball rolling, I'll start with my collection. These cards are my most valuable and if I showed all of my cards, there would be a ridiculous amount of pictures all over this post. So here they are:


    And here are my favorite cards:

    Charizard ex has always been my favorite ex card because of its Burn Down attack. It's also extremely valuable, so that adds to its awesomeness. Shiny Kyogre from Call of Legends is another one of my favorites because Kyogre was the first legendary I've ever captured in the games and it's shiny. Reshiram EX is also a favorite because I really love these new giant EX artworks. Last but not least, Wailord ex. Wailord is one of my favorite Pokémon and I remember years ago how bad I wanted this card and how happy I was when I finally got it.

    Oh yeah, I can't forget about these ones:

    Because these three cards are obnoxiously large, I couldn't resist showing them here. Also, ignore the black dot on Darkrai's artwork... It was a little fuzz ball that I didn't notice until it was too late.

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