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    will do,
    I have almost finished creating the tutorial and i can now give 25 people a dedicated server if requested they would purely only have to worry about what they want happening on their dedicated server for example they could have a dedicated server for their trade shop or for their tournaments. these 25 people are only a start and more will come as time progresses.

    Update: Due to lag issues the use of hamachi has been re instated.

    Step one-

    download and install hamachi. Make sure you click non comercial license when installing.

    now hamachi is a program that allows computers to connect on a virtual network. once connected you can use it to chat with other people conected to the same network as you. Since the computers are "connected" people find ways to use it to play online, transfer files, etc.

    once installed simply join the network Pokecommunity GBA Server (if you need any help with this step please pm me)

    Step two - download vba link. when you start it go to
    options - link click wireless adapter
    then goto options - link - settings
    click network
    then goto the client tab
    replace localhost with the server ip (once released)
    then your done

    further update: This is now a closed beta so request use only! once i am happy with the performance of the server i will open the server to everyone without requests.
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