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    I'm bringing this game back from the dead. Here how the game goes you first have to answer the question that the person above asked you. Then on the same post you have to create a question for the next person to answer. And the question you have to create must be creative, hard deciding, messed up, crazy and also have a worst possible punishment if picken so the person can be screwed over for both options for each question. Of course Pokemon related.

    Answer if you dare! We won't judge you on your answer (we might though) >=), lol. I'll begin.

    Question 1 - Would You Rather receive a splash attack by a Wailord (which is consider a body slam)OR Have Hitmonlee kick you in the nuts if you say any words with the letter a (boys), punched in the breast by a Hitmonchan if you blink (girls).
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