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    Route 103
    Two Days Ago

    The young man observed the now burnt camp carefully. His eyes were starting to fill with tears as he realized that his best friend was now gone, and it was simply sheer luck that had saved him from a similar fate. He cried openly, for the first time in his life, for his best friend since he was a kid, was now dead.

    Alexander Grahams was dead.

    He was a peaceful man, he didn't use any force or ruthless methods to get Hoenn. He was a kind compassionate man who listened to all, regardless of species. But this was simply inhuman. All major leaders of the HR had been killed in one swift attack. By the time they had reached the camp all that remained was the charred remains of the humans, barely enough for a burial. It looked like a Pokemon attack.

    "War." The young man muttered through gritted teeth. "War shall be declared."


    Slateport City
    A week later

    The young man was as usual on his routine check of the Human Republic's camp in Slateport city. They'd done a good job in setting the camp, given the short notice. There were makeshift communication towers all around the camp, and the residential camps were to the north of town. Ever since the attack on the HR camp, soldiers had started to be shipped to Hoenn in preparation of the war that they had begun. There as a very dull mood in the camp as most of the people already in Hoenn were peaceful settlers who had come here for a new living, not expecting a war. But circumstances have a way of screwing you.

    Two soldiers noticed the man pass by them, and one them who had just arrived the day before, started to ask questions.

    "Who's that guy?" He asked in a gruff tone. Even though he had never seen or talked to the fellow he had already started not to trust him.

    "That guy? He's the head of communication and scouting. Or rather, was. He's more of a second in command now." The other soldier replied, all the while polishing his shiny new gun in his hands.

    "Him?! But he's too young to be even here. Barely must have hit his 20s, that lad."

    "I don't know, he was a good friend of Grahams. Grahams was the one who got him here and made him such a big shot. I heard this guy had started to cry at the burnt camp. Were close, which is why he was supposed to be elected leader after Grahams."

    "But he gave up the position, right? Which is why Mikkelson is the leader now."

    "Yeah, he gave up his position. Couldn't be a leader, he says."

    "What did you say his name was again?"

    "I didn't. He doesn't have a name, says something about secrets and crap. People call him Nicolas or Nick though."

    "Huh... Anyways, we better hurry, Mikkelson's oath is gonna start." Both of them got up with some effort, and proceeded towards the makeshift stage in the center of town for the swearing in of the new leader of the humans, who would guide them in battle.

    Meanwhile, Nicolas kept on walking in the opposite direction of the ceremony, he had a mission in mind, a very important one. They needed to scout the region north of the town, the pace they had decided to term as Route 110, which was near the former human camp.

    He walked over to a intercom and quietly spoke his orders into it, "Anybody who wants to volunteer for a scouting mission, please come visit head of comms near Route 110, I'll be picking 2 soldiers for this."


    Lavaridge Town

    The blaring noise of the plane flying overhead woke up Trevalyn from his sleep. The Blaziken reluctantly got out of bed, and scratching his head walked out into the town.

    It was, as usual, bustling with activity, which it should, because it was after all the base of operations for the Caerulus Tribe. There was a small market in the very center of town, which was currently flooded with panicked citizens who were scared of the incoming war. He looked up at the plane and shook his head. It had been flying overhead for the past full week with the same message from the humans, declaring war. Over and over and over he had to hear it, and with each passing moment he got even more nervous about what the future held. He looked up at the tall volcano in front of him, where Adam had asked him to arrive at the day before. He sighed, it was a long way to the summit and decided that he'd better get started if he wanted to reach at the correct time.

    It took him a couple of hours but he finally got there, not even breaking a sweat. And he saw the grand figure of the Aggron, facing the volcano. Trevalyn cleared his throat, and spoke out, "Adam."

    "Tray." Adam spoke quietly, as if afraid that someone might hear him at the top of this deserted volcano.

    "Okay, let's cut to the chase Adam, what do you want?" Tray's voice had a slight edge to it, as if wary of his own leader.

    "What do you think? I want many things, Tray. For example, I want Groudon to come to our help in this time of need. But I sure as hell DO NOT need a meeting with that other tribe!" Adamantium suddenly thundered, obviously he'd been thinking hard about this topic. Tray grabbed his forehead, he'd expected this would be the topic.

    "Adam, we need to solve this. We cannot survive another war after that one last time. We need to discuss this as a species, the humans won't be looking at us as Caerulus or Ruber Tribe members when they massacre us." Adam's expression grew increasingly annoyed with each word.

    "No! I refuse to take any help from those non believers."

    "Listen, Adam," Tray started, with a bit of hostility in his voice, "We have to do this. Even if you don't responsibility I can take ove-"

    "Never! This is my tribe! I formed it, and I led it through the Great War! I absolutely refuse to-"

    "Adam, shut up." Tray said, in a very blank voice, "If the crowd didn't believe in you, I would have struck you down, right here, right now. The message has been sent and you will attend this meeting, along with some members of the tribe."

    Adamantius simply growled, and stomped his feet into the ground. Tray felt the ground shudder and a few cracks develop, but he remained unfazed. It had become very clear to Tray that Adam had started to lose control of the tribe steadily, and started to become a lot more reclusive. It was time for change of leadership. After the heated conversation, Adamantius simply turned around and stared into the horizon, and Tray immediately knew the meeting was over. he started to drag himself back towards Lavaridge, and for some reason, the conversation had really drained him mentally. Tray had already informed all the Pokemon in the town to get ready for the meeting.

    "I really hope this works out..."


    Mossdeep City

    "Aecor! Aecor you have to see this!" The Weavile yelled as he pushed his way through the crowd that had gathered in the main square of the Ruber tribe's town. He was headed towards the leader of the Ruber Tribe, who was busy giving a speech in the area to motivate people.

    "What is it, child?" Aecor asked. He had a way of speaking, that managed to soothe you but at the same time grate you in a very weird way. The Weavile was caught off guard by this for a moment but immediately recovered.

    "Aecor, we have received this letter from a messenger. It has the stamp of... the Caerulus tribe!"

    "Ah, good job delivering this to me so quick, Kip. I knew you would be a good replacement for our old second in command!" Kip blushed, happy with these compliments, and forgot to hand the letter over in his excitement. "Um, the letter now, Kip." Aecor gently reminded.

    "Oh, oh yes!" Kip said, happiness replaced by embarrassment of forgetting his duty in front of hundreds of followers. He opened the letter and handed it over the leader. Aecor took a couple of moments to read the letter, with a very absorbed expression. The tribe could tell it was serious.

    After almost an eternity had passed, Aecor smiled. "This is a letter for a meeting. In a couple of hours, as well. This is urgent, but we're heading south of Mauville. That is where we have to meet."

    Kip was alarmed. "This could be a trap! Why did they choose that place? Why did they-"

    "Kip." Aecor said. "Do not worry. We shall take some of our tribe members with us. In the wake of recent events, we shall trust some a bit. But of course, not without our regular... arrangements." Kip understood. He nodded his head.

    "Children of Kyogre! Prepare for the meeting!" Aecor announced, and the whole crowd burst into applause, even though they had nothing to cheer about for now.
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