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    A thin man stretches as he gets off a boat. He remains silent as he looks at the place around him, he adjusts himself as he smiles fondly. New Pokemon, new places, new disguises, all had drawn him to this place. The whole death of the leader was just an excuse for him to finally visit this exotic land. Taking a deep breath in his pointed nose, he adjusts his collar. The Sinnoh region had a few Pokemon that, thankfully, were found here as well.
    He opened his suitcase to go through a brief runthrough of his disguises. A Gardevior costume and a rather ill-fitted Dusclops costume were all he could find that would fit in with this bizarre new region. He sighed as he closed up the case. This was not going to be easy with only those two, especially without any material to make any more. It was gonna be a long mission, and he doubted he'd be able to return home for a long time.
    He took out his gun, his wallet, and some cigarettes and took to some stretches.
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