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Lt. Damien Pierce
Slateport City Main camp

Damien was sitting in the main camp, cleaning his gun when Allen walked over.

"Hey man. How you holding up..."

"I'm waiting for a chance to kill me some pokemon. All the little b*****ds are going to die. I'll make sure of it."

"Hey, I'm telling you as a friend. You need to calm down. All that hate is going to make you reckless and get you killed."

Damien sighed

"Yeah, I know bro. But it's hard... I need something to get my mind off it." Damien said, now holding the dog tags hanging from his gun.

"I'm sure they'll send us on some hastily made Op soon enough..." Allen's voice got quieter, "These HR guys aren't very good a planning this s**t out."

Damien chuckled and smiled a little.

"Heh. No, there not good at it at all..."

Damien put his HK416 back together then reached up to Allen, who pulled him up.

"I hear there about to swear in the new General. John is already there waiting for us..." Allen said.

"Alright. I'm gonna go walk around a little first... need to get my thoughts straight."

"You go do what ya gotta do... We'll see you there." Allen said as he walked towards the center of camp.

Damien slung his rifle on his back and started walking in the other direction. He pulls out his pistol and pulls the slide back a couple time before re-holstering it. He passes by some soldier, who drop what there doing and stood at attention. It made him feel important.

As he was walking, Damien heard some orders through his comms.

"Anybody who wants to volunteer for a scouting mission, please come visit head of comms near Route 110, I'll be picking 2 soldiers for this."

He hit his comms unit and started speaking to Allen.

"Hey bro, I'm gonna go get on that scouting mission. Enjoy your show." He said into the mic."

"Alright Damien. Just take it easy, kay. Keep your boots grounded and your head in the game."

"Yeah, I know. Thanks mom."

Damien got off his comms and flagged down a jeep going to 110. It was a quick ride. He checked over his equipment on the ride. The jeep pulled over next to the Comms officer.

"Thanks for the ride man!" Damien said to the driver as he stepped out.

"Yeah. No problem. Kick some ass for the HR!" The driver yelled back.

"Will do." Damien shouted back.

Damien saluted the comms officer.

"Sir, I heard you needed some... professional help."

Damien stopped saluting and screwed on a silencer to his 416.

"I'm ready to do what I can, Sir!"
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