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    Jacob King
    Slateport City Main camp

    Jacob had landed the night before in his personal aircraft at 0121 in the morning. His night landing was executed quite well, but he would have preferred to try out landing on a blacked out LZ on the brand new night vision goggles he had just bought, but the landing field was well lit and they didn’t want to turn off their lights. Either way it was an excellent landing and Jacob was proud that he hadn’t smashed his plane and himself into flaming bits on the runway. After landing he had set up his plane to operate as his personal residence and had gone to sleep after an episode of some Sci Fi space TV show he had on his computer.

    The next morning most of the soldiers and locals were all in a buzz about their new leader being sworn in, but all Jacob cared about was whether or not the man would see the need to hire him. He had heard the rumors of war and where there is war there is a need for people with his skills. Thing is would the new leader be wise enough to pay the price required to hire the best hit man in this new region. However until the ceremonies were over the question the mercenary had was what to do to burn the time. Should he stay here and listen to whoever this leader was going to say or go on the scouting mission? Of course the real question was would he get up and do something or listen to some general drone on before he approached someone about writing up a contract.

    Looking around while sitting in a random chair he had found Jacob muttered to himself, “So listen to some likely boring speech outlining how this leader is going to bring the “glorious” republic to victory, or go on a pleasant walk through the woods hoping to find trouble.” He saw people beginning to gather for the leader’s introduction so he quickly made up his mind. Sighing a little he stood up, and walked back to his aircraft to grab his equipment. Once he had his rifle (we was already wearing his sword on his back and a pistol in a holster on his left side), he slung it over his shoulder and wandered around until he found his way over to the head of communications.

    Walking up to the kid he looked the young man over before saying, “Well I’m here… if you want my assistance. Name is Jacob King, bored mercenary for hire. Going for a enthusiastic walk through the forest sounded better than being put to sleep by my future employer. I dislike self promoting inspirational speeches that are usually given when people are given fancy new titles.” Jacob then glanced over at Damien and looked at him for a second before saying, "Why do I get a feeling you would prefer our enthusiastic nature walk to involve lots of killing poor little woodland creatures?"
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