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    Galeno - Lavaridge Town
    Galeno followed Zeph's eyes when he turned his gaze towards the skies, turning south south-west. He knew he was thinking of the Ruber tribe. Galeno agreed with Zeph's ponderings. Caerulus would be in for trouble if they were going to be the initiatiors of aggression. They'd end up either too weak to fight Ruber once the humans were gone, or too weak to fight the humans once Ruber was taken care of. Either way, everyone was going to lose. When the rich wage war, the poor die.

    The Staraptor's gaze of concern was rightly unexpected to Galeno. Zeph had a reputation to be a bit nonchalant, a cool and calculating personality, but he became uncannily real for a few seconds. Another aeroplane dashed overhead. The paranoia-inducing screeches of contraptions flying above them, spying on them or whatever it was that they were doing. Galeno was scared that any moment, they'd just bomb the town to smithereens, and every damn pokémon: women, children, didn't matter, their lives were worthless to them anyway. When the two gazed in the same direction, the plane threaded through the clouds. A glimmering metal bird, like a skarmory, in which those humans defied the laws of gravity.

    "Working with the humans is a death sentence. No matter what," Galeno said, "They declared war on us. All of us. They would rather skin us alive than help us, I reckon. So it goes." he gestured towards the plane. "I bet they won't have any reservations about massacring defenceless civilians either." He mustered a vindictive expression towards the flying machine, and the orbs on his tail and on his forehead grew brighter the more impassionated he became. He watched the plane disappear into the distance, becoming but a small grey dot in the sky with a trail of white puffs ejecting from its backside, marking exactly where the thing was heading. "Old Adam's had it coming for him when he let them trot into our backyards and take Slateport," Galeno said and he shook his head. One thing he hated that Zeph was right about was that fighting against the humans would weaken Caerulus in an eventual battle against Ruber. Of course, Aecor and Adamantius still could not see eye to eye and their efforts to renumerate the sacrifices of his father's generation only faltered under false promises and the hush hush efforts of the elite about the lack of progress in making any of that Groudon giving the pokémon their rightful land from the damn fishies in the sea thing come true. "You don't believe in any of that Groudon-Kyogre prophecy crud either, right? I mean, that it was necessary to fight a war over it," He asked Zeph, lowering his voice to a whisper. It was heathenish to publically speak out against something like that so he wanted to be cautious.
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