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    Hello all, just signed up for this forum because I have had the craziest urges lately to play pokemon. I used to have silver and gold for a game boy color, the only games I even cared to own for it, with a gameshark. I really did enjoy the games a lot but over the years I moved to console games and then eventually to PC games. The gameboy's been lost for years, it's really sad to think about... Not sure when it started but I know what cemented it, my girlfriend's 6 year old got pokemon black when we got him a DS earlier this year. Just seeing it kicked in some sort of addiction. I remember staying up ALL NIGHT just to get to the "next area". I remember using my gameshark to load up on repels and master balls :).

    Well, I played black for a couple of hours, but I saw he had like Charizard and some others, not exactly sure how I think he has another game, so I didn't save. That's crap you can only have one save per game, I mean in 2000 ok, but today, it just seems so limiting. I read it's a marketing tactic to sell more cartridges. whatever. Obviously then if I want to play it I'm going to have to buy one of my own damned games..

    Here's where I need advice. What the hell are all of these goofy pokemon? A silly looking monkey that looks like a pokemon rip off? All you encounter in the first parts of black are a bunch of filthy rats and small dogs. I apologize if that offended anyone. But I think so so so fondly of the pokemon of gold and silver. I remember fishing and I remember Gyarados, of course I remember how important repels were, but I'm skeptical of these new types. (I was exaggerating slightly I was kind of interested to see what Herdier would look like if he evolved again). Basically, every pokemon was cool in those games and now i feel like I have to judge a potentially good pokemon and pass on it because it looks so darn silly.

    So what game do I invest in if I think the new generation of pokemon are just ridiculous looking? Or is the plot something that overcomes that? It seems like everyone has a different opinion. I mean are Ruby and Saphire decent games with normal looking, sweet pokemon? for some reason I'm leaning toward emerald as a good point to get back into the games. Or should I bite the bullet and suck it up, and try to play black or white which I have heard as being pretty good? I don't know how to reconcile how every pokemon in gold/silver looked really cool and they just don't all seem to in the new ones. And everyone disagrees so I'm just standing on the sidelines exhausted waiting for one side to win. So can somebody please tell me what new generation game is best for a silver/gold fan? I think I'll probably pass on soulsilver/heartgold because I read the plot and my memory is bad but I recognized every town and a lot of the plot so I'd like a surprise. But I can definitely be convinced because I don't remember a lot of it.