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    Cautiously following the lead of this stranger, Tatal walked behind the strange boy to the ranch door.

    "The woman who resides here is extremely generous and kind," Nait explained, "I'm sure she'll give you a place for the night. It's far too late to be traveling now. Just play along with me, okay?"

    Tatal was glad that he had managed to find hope of a place to stay during nightfall. “So the fields are still ravaged by monsters at night” he muttered to himself just as the boy who was just in his presence morphed into a cat, to Tatal’s confusion although he quickly recovered from this surprise as a red-haired woman opened the door.

    "Oh, are you his owner? He comes by here often, and I give him milk each time. I hope that's alright." She paused for a moment before another question arose. "Can I help you with something?"

    Tatal didn’t trust the boy who had led him to the door to a full extent although he felt that the girl, who seemed unaware, could be trusted slightly more. He forced himself not to show any unfriendly gestures as he would badly need somewhere to stay for a few days and he couldn’t ruin it without thought. Tatal pat the cat, which was cradled in his arms, on the head.

    “I was hoping that I could stay here until the break of dawn” Tatal requested with something of a grin although he felt that it came off more as smirk. He had some Rupees although he might have to part ways with what he had as he retrieved a small wallet and removed a few red Rupees, gesturing to the woman to take it.

    “I know this is sudden although I really know little of Hyrule’s current state since I am a F-…” He stopped himself before saying the word forest-boy and frowned before continuing. “Since I am a foreigner” he said, although it was partially true that he knew little of Hyrule and the fact that he was secluded from the world in the Lost Woods did make him something of a outsider.
    Diceon clumsily grinned at the Goron, appearing unaware of the Goron’s mispronunciation of his name as he put his left hand on the back of his head.

    “Shame to hear that, though it might bring a grin to your face to hear that I’m a smith myself,” Diceon blurted out, “ although I’m not nearly skilled enough to be even considered a master, apprentice for sure, adept maybe, but master is pushing it. Also for the hangovers, have you ever tried eating a raw Cucco egg? I heard that it works like a charm although I’ve never bothered to try.” He added.

    He looked up towards the mountains as he saw the volcano that resided among them. He scanned the general area, unsure of where Goron City was.

    Something that caught Diceon’ attention was the fact that the sun was beginning to set and he heard plenty tales about various creatures that would attack people who roamed Hyrule Fields after sunset.

    “This is the first time I’ve left this town in 10 years….” Diceon said with a distant look in his eyes. “Anyway, where are you headed now?” he asked with a serious look on his face and his smile disappeared.