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    NAIT the TWILI
    Lon Lon Ranch

    Chapter One: Part Four
    Master of Disguise

    Malon took a look at the boy as he offered rupees, but politely shook her head. "No, no, it's quite alright. Come on in, I have a spare bedroom upstairs and down the hall." She opened the door further and moved to the side to let them in. "You can stay as long as you'd like. I'd surely appreciate the company. I'll even prepare some breakfast in the morning for you!" Malon closed her eyes smiling, giggling slightly from within her closed mouth. "I'd hate to see you or your little friend attacked by those beasts. You're free to all of the milk you'd like while you stay as well. Go ahead and get settled in, I'll go close the front gate." With that, she turned and left the house, probably only for a minute.

    Nait had relaxed against the boy, and once the woman left, spoke up. "I hope you find this place comfortable... I surely have, which is why I visit here regularly in my travels." He had paused to form a rather large yawn. "I'd suggest we head off to sleep... We can talk more tomorrow if you'd like, but I'm thoroughly exhausted for tonight--" Nait silenced himself at the sound of the door clicking, and the woman had re-entered the home.

    She walked toward her chair by the fireplace, stopping halfway to speak to the boy, "Please, make yourself at home. I'd like to catch up on my reading a little while longer." She sat in the no-doubt warm and comfy chair, picking up her book and opening it to a page marked with a paper bookmark.